A Letter
From The


From Donald Thomas Jr

I’m Donald Thomas Jr, Executive Director of the Black Heritage Festival of Louisiana. I’m writing to you today, first of all, hoping that you are all well and safe. Secondly, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued support over all these years that the festival has been in existence. It has been an honor to serve you, and I thank God in advance for the privilege of continuing to serve. Our mission here at the Black Heritage Festival is to share the unique and rich culture of the African American people, and we hold that responsibility to high regard. As Director, my goal is to not only entertain you, but to enlighten you, educate you, and empower through art, music, literature, education, spoken word, dance, history, and tradition. As we grow exponentially in the sharing of the many facets of our heritage and culture; we invite you to continue along on this amazing journey and experience

Donald Thomas Jr. / Executive Director